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Obtain comprehensive Cbot soybean prices

If you are looking for Cbot soybean prices, then you’ve come to the right place. SG Ceresco provides comprehensive, real-time tracking of Cbot soybean prices. July 2012 opened at 1547 and four-eights. The lowest point was 1546 and it peaked at 1575 and four-eights. The CHG was 40, with a VOL of 9024. Furthermore, the SET was 1572 and two-eights and the OP INT was 14927. Numbers are updated every 10 minutes. Soybean futures have been relatively steady since November 14th, 2012.

SG Ceresco is a fully bonded, licensed, and insured soy producer, processor, and exporter. We have over 400 partners from around the world; including Japan, North America, and several European and Asian markets. Our stringent processing control measures, wide variety of pure, non-GMO, identity preserved seeds, quality client care, and meticulous soybean processing have helped the SG Ceresco name become synonymous with “premium quality soybeans”. In addition, we were established in 1987, and currently develop 12 different types of soybeans; including, but not limited to, Calao, Colibri, Eider, Apalis, Loriot, Havane, SR Picor, PS-36, and RD-714.

We market our own organic varieties; albeit we also purchase public varieties with CEE and JAS/NOP certificates. Moreover, thanks to advances in genetic selection, we can develop varieties with specific characteristics. For instance, we can develop soybeans that are rich in oil and sugar, as well as very small (Natto type) and very large (Special Tofu Type) soybeans. We also have a silo storage capacity that exceeds 30,000 metric tons.

To learn more about Cbot soybean prices or our company, please visit our website. You can also contact us at 450 427-3831,, or 1 888 427-7692 (toll free). We will be more than happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and quote with you, so that you can openly discuss your unique needs and concerns with our financial soybean analysts and agriculturists.